System Application

System LED

Simple installation & easy adjustment

  • Automatic dimming control
  • Movement detection
  • Ambient detection
  • IR (Infrared) networking
  • Variety set-up by remote control
wireless Solution(Click on top video)
  • Remote control solution using PIR detection and illuminance detection
IOT Solution(Click on top video/EN)

System LED lighting can be used as a security & disaster prevention system.

System LED

System LED

LED lightings does more than just brightening your places.
Set-up your lightings as you wish in any kind of installation environments for convenient & effective manageable energy consumption.
Apply the energy reduction the benefits we offer by simply replacing your old lightings to our LED Lightings.

D-mode Set-up

Sensors that built-in the lighting detect illumination brightness and adjust the lighting from 0 ~ 100% accordingly

DPM-mode Set-up

Sensors detect the movements and illumination brightness.

Lightings stay off with enough brightness during the day and turn on when movement detected and back to dim without movement

Grouping Set-up

All the lightings stay dim and only turn on 100% brightness when movement detected

Dividing the lightings as different groups for effective energy consumption management

PM-mode Set-up

Sensors detect the movement and turn on and off lighting.

lot Solution System

Security System

Our solution allows to provide intrusion monitoring security system. When intrusion has been detected it will automatically turn on all the lights and send notification to the customer’s mobile device or central monitoring system to do proper action. Constantly monitoring the status of your property, to effectively protect what matters the most.

Fire Alarm

And also it can be a fire alarm system. Even whether small sparks fly up, PIR sensors detect it and sends notification to the mobile device.

Residential Security

And using our solution allows to protect from commercial site to small residence even you are away.

Remote Control

Simple operation, convenient usage (providing with mobile device application)
With a mobile device where ever you are you can control the lights with the application on and off or dimming in variety of different options as you wish.